About Maharaja Sweets

Serving authentic, fresh, delectable delights from Punjab – Directly from our traditional kitchen to your plates!

"If you're looking for Indian food, especially Punjabi food, look no further. Maharaja Sweets is the best!."

– Igor Landry

"I never thought vegetarian Indian food could be soo good!"

– Juanita Moran

"Wow is the word! I felt like I was back in Punjab eating amazing street food!"

– Jatinder Singh

Our Story

Over two decades ago, we realized that although Indian restaurants are a dime-a-dozen in Slough, but none of them serve authentic Indian food, and definitely not authentic Punjabi food. We decided to take matters into our own hands and introduce Slough to both home-style and street-style authentic Indian food. 

Initially dubbed as “Another new Indian restaurant sure to fail”, our perseverance,  commitment to quality, and authentic Punjabi recipes from our own home transformed people’s views and made Maharaja Sweets a resounding success. 

Quality and Taste – Above All Else

Half a dozen awards and several prestigious recurring orders later, Maharaja Sweets has made Punjabi food accessible to everyone in Slough – and the UK. Every dish is meticulously cooked from scratch, with hardly any processed ingredients. Every bite of our freshly prepared Makki Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag made with slow-cooked fresh Mustard and Spinach greens exude aromas and flavours that other restaurants can only dream of!

Experience the quintessential taste of Punjab as our chefs churn out exquisite dishes and sweets that remind Punjabis of home – and help others understand what Northern Indian food is all about! 

 From Pakore to Golgappe, Papri Chaat, Saag, Dahi Bhalle, Poori, and exquisite mithais such as Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Barfi, and Rasmalai will leave you craving for more!

Order Online

Enjoy your meal at home. Order online and share the goodness of freshly cooked food with your friends and family.

Weddings and Birthdays

Our traditional Indian home-style wedding snacks and sweets will surely transform your wedding and parties for the better!

Corporate Events and Parties

Our catering services will help you transform your corporate events and parties forever with authentic, home-style Indian food.

Dine In

Order from our restaurant in Slough and see our wide selection of Indian sweets, street food, and home-style  food that you’ll love!

Chef’s Specials

Food in India is very seasonal. Taste our season-specific, authentic food that you cannot experience anywhere else!

100% Fresh

We use only the freshest, best, and most authentic Indian spices, herbs, and produce to create a truly exquisite taste!

Experience traditional Punjabi food like never before! Age-old, tried and tested family recipes that bring authentic Indian food to you!


Mon - Sun: 9 AM - 8:30 PM


Slough8 Grasmere Parade,

Wrexham Road, Slough, Berkshire.



Phone: 01753 533 566